My book, On the Q.T., reveals how the U.S. Government knowingly hides prescription drug fraud, how it’s killing us, and bankrupting our country. After you read it, I think you will be as outraged as I am, and collectively we can push our government to action.

The safety of America’s food and drugs is in grave danger, but no one at the FDA, in government or the involved industries are willing or able to tell the public about the problems, yet are unable to correct them themselves, leaving our populace increasingly endangered.

Fraud in America is known to be enormous and I believe is the cause of our $20 trillion National Debt, caused primarily if not totally by waste, fraud, neglect, and abuse in government agencies. Since 1993 fraud expert Malcolm Sparrow and others say that they don’t know how much fraud there is but know in healthcare it’s hundreds of billions each year and is for all large agencies. But what is known and public are two things: the amount of money each department spends the biggest being the Department of Defense and HHS which with the other 73 major government agencies publish the total amounts spent. And Justice Department press releases and fraud statistics show how much we recovered in fraud, and public records show companies and individuals these amounts are collected from by each agency. But there are no records showing the amounts of fraud reported or the cases not investigated. I used public Medicaid records to show $57 billion hasn’t been paid in Medicaid drug rebates, while total recoveries in all 75 government agencies have been only $48 billion in the last 30 years!

Since 1987 Americans had to pay twice as much for our drugs as all other Nations but Canada, who buys them at 30% less. From 1985 until 2000 our drugs were Made in America, but since were moved to other countries, mainly India and China,  to reduce labor costs and increase profits for American drug manufacturers, while the quality of America’s drugs fell and access to many important drugs declined.

The False Claims Act itself is the biggest fraud and must be reformed, as the Justice Department defends agencies, protecting bureaucrats who in turn protect corporations and powerful interest groups, not the public or taxpayers. If this doesn’t change quickly, America will go bankrupt, as it’s too late now to correct the problems, as healthcare will go through the same recent process that banks, mortgage companies, and others, whose misdeeds were all paid for by taxpayers did a few years ago!

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