Most taxpayers are familiar with the terms: waste, fraud, neglect and abuse. The Definition of Civil and
Criminal Fraud are Legal Terms but all may be frauds. Waste, neglect and abuse all sound different,
but they are all based in the same concept: intention.

1. Waste: failure to use something wisely, properly, fully, or to good effect

2. Fraud: Crime of obtaining money, or valuable benefit by deliberate deception

3. Abuse: an illegal, improper, or harmful practice;

4. Neglect: omitting or failing to do a required task on time.

The definitions do not depict how much fraud cost taxpayers. Since 2009 to be $1 of every $3
spent on healthcare. idUSTRE59P0L320091027

The Justice Department has kept fraud statistics since 1987 for both Inspector General
“whistleblower Non-qui tam cases” and civilian False Claims Act “qui tam” cases.
There are fraud cases in the Department of Defense, Health and Human Services as well as 73
governmental agencies.

Medicaid recoveries made by Medicaid Fraud Control Units and equal Medicare recoveries. For 30
years, fraud recoveries were measured as a percent of agency spending are less than half a percent.
Government agencies employ millions who are all insiders, yet Inspector General “whistleblower”
Cases are fewer and recover less than “qui tam” cases filed by civilians. These statistics do not
show the number of cases settled or the amounts taxpayers were defrauded of to keep taxpayers from
revolting; telling us for decade’s fraud is only 10%. If that were true, the fraud amounts would be
$7.4 trillion, but we only recovered $48 billion!

We know the percentage of fraud recovered and simply by dividing each department’s budget amount by
the recoveries made, and doing fraud audits will stop frauds. If you think recovering $48 billion
of the $74 trillion spent over the last 30 years is good, you may ask what we spent for all the
government enforcement, to determine how well fraud pays. That cost is also known to be almost as
much as what’s been recovered. So how long can we last spending more, than we can afford, as
there’s no cost benefits?

The average lifespan for an American today is 90 years. Heart Disease and soon to be cured Cancer
are projected to decrease in the next few years. This population expansion
will also expand Frauds proportionately.

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