Since America’s first Congress, there have been 115 congresses and none have been more
divided than this one.

Few citizens know much about government. They believe America is a Democracy when it suits their
needs and a republic when “states rights” are more beneficial.

Today, the responsibility for healthcare is divided between states and federal government programs.
Medicare and the VA are the responsibility of the federal government: and Medicaid and all other
areas to be the responsibility of each state; with funding by the appropriate governments.

The current problem is that one party wants a single plan, Medicare, to fund everything. However,
everyone did not pay into Medicare, and those who did are anxious that there will not be anything
left when they get old and sick. There are 52 million on Medicare today. In the next 15 years, 60
million “Boomers” will join them.

There are 72 million on Medicaid. Since 1965, Medicaid has provided “free healthcare.” No there are
also 72 million millennials who are the healthiest Americans having received healthcare from their
parents’ insurance or from Medicaid. In 1996, Congress authorized the State Children’s Health
Insurance Programs [sChip]. Medicaid is the public healthcare system that pays for all those who
need care, and requires those not needing care to pay for those unable to afford it, either by
buying unneeded health insurance or paying taxes to cover it for everyone.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers do not want competition or regulation, or to be forced by Congress to
change our healthcare system from what it currently is or to let it be abandoned by insurers.

Fraud in Healthcare is known to be $1 of every $3 spent, and our drug prices are twice as high as
any other nation, except Canada. One option is for American’s to buy drugs from Canada, which gets
theirs from the same places we do; while we all share the issue of rising prices.

Everyone has preexisting conditions from the day they are born. However, the ones with the worst
conditions seem destined to not get the care they need, unless these people are made to be
poor and put on Medicaid.

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