We did not really know what computers could do until IBM launched the personal computer with
an ad depicting Charlie Chaplin, followed quickly by the Mac and others.

The era of modern electronic computing began in Philadelphia after the war, in a large 1,500-
square-foot room full of 40 cabinets, each nine feet high, packed with 18,000 vacuum tubes, 10,000
capacitors, 6,000 switches and 1,500 relays called ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and

In June 1951, the UNIVAC I (Universal Automatic Computer) was delivered to the U.S. Census Bureau
by Remington Rand and then sold 46 machines for $1 million each. UNIVAC was the first “mass
produced” computer Naval Academy graduate.

Ross Perot retired early from the U.S. Navy in 1958 to be an IBM salesman, quickly discovering his
customers were all federal and states government agencies or large corporations. These customers
were the only ones with funds for main frame computers. However, they did not know IBM, FORTRAN
programming quickly. As soon as governments could hire and train programmers they left to work for
large corporations. Perot correctly calculated he should be selling computer systems, operators and
training rather than computer “hardware” and government computer operations became uncoordinated
“data silos”.

Millions of “paper records” in government gray-green file cabinets had to be slowly “archived” into
Main Frame computers. Current records were collected and filed all designed and programmed to be
incompatible with all other government computers. They possessed rigid data file configurations to
keep the data “secret”, as was and still is the case with most government agencies files. We have
kept all the data but still don’t have the personnel to use all the data to solve problems.

For 25 years, applications for all entitlement programs were done on the “Honor System” and
millions received benefit funds they didn’t qualify for as nothing on their applications was
checked, and still isn’t. Nobody in Medicaid Programs nor Medicaid Fraud Control Units use Data
Mining to recover the $57 million I show them is missing in the Medicaid Drug Rebates! If it was
their money they would care but it is taxpayer money. Instead, they want more (after 40 years of
being unable to detect Medicaid Fraud!) Soon Medicaid funds and frauds will be sent to
the States, unable to use computers at all!

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