In all of America since 1986 I have come across only one person acclaimed as America’s fraud
expert among many other things.

Malcolm Sparrow came to America in 1986 as our False Claims Act was being amended. Mr. Sparrow
is Faculty Chair of the J.F. Kennedy, School of Government, executive programs on regulation and
enforcement, corruption control, policing, and counter-terrorism; recognized internationally as a
government fraud expert. Mr. Sparrow had just resolved a major tax fraud issue for the IRS.
Treasury Commissioner Margret Richardson was so impressed she introduced him to Attorney General
Janet Reno. This was just as the Clinton Health Care legislation failed to pass Congress. After
consulting with Sparrow, Attorney General Reno declared Health Care Fraud “the number two crime
problem in America, second only to violent crime.” He subsequently accepted a research grant from
the National Institute of Justice, to study the state-of-the-art of fraud control within the health
industry and, if possible, explain why health care fraud seemed so persistent and pervasive.”

He did that and wrote 2 books whose titles tell the problem rest on those: License To Steal: Why
Fraud Plagues America’s Health care System published in 1996, which he followed up with in 2000
with Licensed To Steal: How Fraud Bleeds America’s Health Care System. a more tactical version of
his first. Malcolm does many different things and has a vast number of interests as all
governments, the UK where he was born as well as Australia which have similar issues and needs. I
recently emailed him saying he now after 2 decades of estimating fraud as hundreds of billions of
dollars each year that nobody has shown interest in, and since he is the only “fraud expert” he has
become like the “bank monitor” in a bank that is getting robbed and tells the customers who want
him to help them “I’m not a bank guard, I’m a bank monitor, the bank is being robbed.”

The only case, that really wasn’t a case was that of Bernie Madoff, who Harry Markopolos
investigated and reported to the SEC for a decade, who wrote “Nobody Would Listen”. After that the
SEC and IRS started their own False Claims Act, when it is absolutely clear the only one that’s
needed is the original last amended in 1986, and hasn’t worked well since! After several years the
few small recoveries don’t cover the government personnel running the programs costs.

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