Liberty and Justice for all seems simple, if only it was true! The only ones who think the system
is just are lawyers. http://www.uscourts.gov/about-federal-courts/court-role-and-structure/comparing-federal-state-courts

There is massive Fraud in all 73 agencies. By 1999 fraud cases were too numerous for “main Justice”
to handle, especially in healthcare. They sent qui tam cases to the 93 U.S. Attorneys. Most of
these cases have not been processed. A handful of attorneys have done most and therefore are filed
in the same federal courts.) Judges are unable to process them as they stay under seal until
settled. Few, if any “see” any False Claims Act cases in their court.

The strangest thing is the lack of coordination between state Medicaid Fraud Control Unit attorneys
and U.S. Attorneys. State attorneys are not trained and licensed to try cases in Federal Court.
They are mainly are in state courts to prosecute local provider fraud cases.

U.S. Attorneys rarely investigate False Claims Act cases. Prior to 1999, they were investigated by
FBI agents, as in my case, before being sent to main justice trial attorneys. So, all the
investigations and work is done by relator’s counsels’.

But while citizens are led to believe False Claims Act cases are undertaken by U.S. Attorneys on
behalf of taxpayers, in fact, they defend and protect the government agencies and their
bureaucrats. These departments receive most recovered funds, as well as stop fraud. Each agency has
an “integrity officer” that opposes the Justice Department allowing a civilian or government agency
whistleblower from succeeding.

As William Penn once said “Justice denied is injustice! Department of Justice Fraud Statistics show
in the past three decades that 80% of cases were never investigated or settled, for the Double and
triple damages available under the False Claims Act. Less than 1% was recovered.

Trillions of taxpayer defrauded funds are never collected. This will stop only if fraud in
Government is stopped, or when America’s taxpayers run out of money or revolt!

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